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Inequality, social mobility and entrepreneurship

The ‘business start ups will save us’ meme is one that just refuses to die. Last week, former M&S boss Stuart Rose proclaimed an “entrepreneurial rush” based on the record number of companies being formed. Conservative chairman Grant Shapps said … Continue reading

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Efficiency savings won’t stop tax rises or spending cuts

When I posted my 2015 Dilemma diagram just before Christmas, a few people responded by asking, ‘what about efficiency savings’? If we can simply make the public sector more efficient, we can maintain services, keep taxes low-ish and still reduce … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas folks!

I was going to do one last blog post on the fuss about the Muslim who refused to serve booze at M&S and the hysterical reaction from some commentators on the right but I ran out of time. Maybe after … Continue reading

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‘Christmas is cancelled’ warning as elves vote to strike

Christmas toy deliveries could be severely disrupted this year after Santa’s elves voted to extend their strike. The elves at Santa’s ‘Wish Realisation Centres’, who have been on strike for a week over pay and conditions, have vowed to continue … Continue reading

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‘Pump It Up’ – as sung by the George Osborne Band

I’ve been on tenterhooks, People give me dirty looks, Every week I’m getting flack, Blamed for doing this ‘n’ that. Now things are looking good, Like I always said they would, Everything will be just fine, Help to Buy came … Continue reading

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The 2015 dilemma

The government announced yesterday that local government funding will be reduced by 2.9 percent next year. That might not look much but, coming after four years of spending cuts, even 2.9 percent can be hard to find. It’s probably not … Continue reading

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The rise of the hardworking poor

With all that wonderful news about the better than expected economic growth, the OBR’s forecast for wages got a bit lost. The folk at the Resolution Foundation spotted it, though, and put it on these handy graphs. While the OBR’s … Continue reading

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