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Does Cameron really want to be the first PM to ban strikes in peacetime?

In an interview with Sunday Politics yesterday, David Cameron said he would not rule out banning strikes on London Underground. His rationale for this is a report from the GLA Conservatives which claims that strikes on the Tube cost London … Continue reading

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Why the bonus cap won’t make a scrap of difference

There have been some fascinating pieces in Joris Luyendijk’s Voices of Finance series, Earlier this week, he published an interview with a former head of HR at an investment bank. For the past year I have been trying to get … Continue reading

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Does £60,000 a year make you rich?

Rachel Reeves caused a bit of a stir at the weekend when she said that people earning £60,000 don’t feel rich and should not pay extra tax. The focus should be on a privileged few right at the top, and … Continue reading

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Sold down the river – the economics behind 12 Years a Slave

It might be the film that everyone is talking about but Orville Lloyd Douglas isn’t going to watch 12 Years a Slave. His reasons: I’m convinced these black race films are created for a white, liberal film audience to engender white … Continue reading

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Employee protection: how far can the law go?

Ed Miliband and Vince Cable have promised to do something about the abuse of zero hours contracts. As ever, though, political soundbites are easy. Coming up with workable legislation is likely to be more difficult, as Darren Newman explains. For … Continue reading

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