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Sleepwalking towards the hardest Brexit

Is Article 50 revocable? The odd thing about this question, says Jo Maugham, the QC who aims to take the case to the European Court of Justice, is that the government appears not to what to know the answer: The … Continue reading

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Immigration: A few questions

The latest ONS labour market figures contain two decades worth of data on employment by country of birth. Since immigration is such a hot topic at the moment, I thought I’d take a ramble through some of the figures. How … Continue reading

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Tax and the self-employed

The report on self-employment by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) published earlier this month has stirred things up. The report found that, on a given level of earnings, typically, a self-employed person will pay less tax and NI than an employee. Not particularly … Continue reading

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America has been here before

Breitbart carried an article last week saying that American liberals are in despair. It might be a bit late with that headline though. Now they are faced with the reality of Donald Trump’s presidency, his opponents are shaking themselves out of their despair … Continue reading

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Setting fire to the safety net

Is inequality getting worse, better or staying pretty much the same? It’s one of those questions that comes up over and over again. Jeremy Corbyn couldn’t have picked a worse time to claim that inequality is getting worse, just before an ONS … Continue reading

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