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Manners and calculated rudeness can be devastating weapons

Damian Thompson wrote an extraordinary piece in the Telegraph this weekend about David Cameron’s manners. [T]o put it bluntly, Dave is rude. More specifically, he exhibits the calculated rudeness of people with very nice manners. That isn’t a contradiction in terms. … Continue reading

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It’s not just Britain – income inequality is rising across the OECD

Executive pay is in the news again as the High Pay Commission warns of its corrosive impact on the UK economy. Those who defend such high pay levels argue that international competition is driving up the going rate for senior executives … Continue reading

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Trade unions and the Big Society

Another prominent Conservative has joined John Redwood in support of trade unions. Harlow MP Robert Halfon reminds his fellow Tories that many union members vote Conservative and argues that unions are just the sort of little platoons that epitomise the Big Society: Unions are the very … Continue reading

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