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The rise or fall of management

Chris Dillow wonders whether managerial control has stifled innovation: Could it be that the spread of managerialism and the pursuit of “efficiency” in the static sense of trying to maximize output for given inputs has squeezed out innovation? Two things … Continue reading

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Cutting in-work benefits: right-wingers think it’s a bad idea too

It now seems to have dawned on just about everyone that, if the government really does cut £12 billion from the social security budget, most of the pain will be felt by those in work. There have been some interesting reactions to … Continue reading

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Work-shy dole scroungers – so last century

The Resolution Foundation published two reports on work, poverty and benefits either side of the weekend. Last week’s An Ocean Apart contrasted the developments in employment and welfare in the UK and USA over the last 20 years. This week’s report on Universal Credit recommended a … Continue reading

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How big a problem is the UK’s public debt?

How much of a problem is high public debt? The government claims it is a serious problem and we need to reduce it, urgently. Others maintain that it isn’t really much of an issue. We’ve had higher debt-to-GDP ratios in the past so what’s … Continue reading

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Is a £12bn welfare cut achievable? Only with a big pay rise!

The government made the Queen say “northern powerhouse” in her speech but, having decided one silly phrase was enough, stopped short of making her say “£12 billion welfare cuts”. Even so, the commitment to reform and cap social security was confirmed. … Continue reading

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