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Wooo! Here comes the regulation bogeyman. Again.

Two-thirds of firms perceive employment regulation to be the biggest threat to labour market competitiveness, says the CBI. What? Even though just about everyone has more of it than we do, including many of the most competitive economies? It goes … Continue reading

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How reliable are the social sciences?

“How reliable are the social sciences?” asks Notre Dame University’s Gary Gutting. Not very. The case for a negative answer lies in the predictive power of the core natural sciences compared with even the most highly developed social sciences.  Social … Continue reading

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Britain has less employment protection than the BRICS

I can’t remember an employment law story causing this much of a row since the 1980s. Whatever else you might say about Adrian Beecroft, at least he’s got us discussing the subject and, as Michael says, he’s inspired some great … Continue reading

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You don’t have to be a leftie to think Beecroft is wrong

Wednesday’s post on the Beecroft report aroused quite a bit of interest, including a re-print, with a not so snarky title, in Legal Week. It also led to me being called a leftie in various places, just as, a few weeks … Continue reading

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Lost Generation or Regeneration? UPDATE

Another quick plug for tonight’s CIPD event (see previous post). The CIPD’s Chief Economist John Philpott (you know, the chap who was more right than the OBR) is coming along, so it promises to be an interesting evening. If you haven’t already … Continue reading

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The Beecroft report – Snake Oil, Doctor Good and other quack remedies

The Beecroft report has finally been published, both in its original form, as leaked to the Telegraph, and in its final official form. (Hat Tip to Signal for the links.) And what an anti-climax it is! Sure, many managers will read … Continue reading

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Less formal doesn’t mean more equal

I spent Wednesday at the excellent ConnectingHR event. (See reviews here, here and here.) The event was subtitled ‘The Power of a Socially Engaged Organisation’ and, as you might expect from a bunch of HR people who came together through blogging … Continue reading

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