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A tale of two banks

Last autumn, I asked whether bonus capping would damage the state-owned banks, as their senior executives claimed it would at the time. RBS boss Stephen Hester is convinced that it has. He claims he could have made an extra £1 … Continue reading

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Standardising diversity

When multi-national companies decide to implement global policies, it is often a euphemism for imposing an American model on the rest the world. A friend of mine, who is a senior executive in one such US-headquartered company, sent me this … Continue reading

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Are we confusing aggressive behaviour with bullying?

Bullying seems to be this week’s hot issue, after claims that Gordon Brown bullied his staff were splashed all over the newspapers. Some newspapers have followed the story up with articles and features on workplace bullying, an issue that is discussed … Continue reading

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The executive entitlement culture

Sathnam Sanghera was HR-bashing again earlier this week, claiming that HR executives are grossly overpaid. His evidence for this assertion was the list of the top twenty highest paid public sector HR professionals published in HR Magazine. But, while Sanghera noticed that half the people … Continue reading

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Deficits and hung parliaments

Just a month or so after we thought the Labour Party was about to sink without trace, recent opinion polls have raised the possibility of a hung parliament again. Last time I discussed this was way back during the last decade. The end of … Continue reading

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I’m rewarded for spending not for saving, says government IT director

In an interview with Phil Pavitt, CIO at HM Revenue and Customs, told this story: In my first few weeks of the job I was visited by leading members of the Cabinet Office. In that conversation with me they mentioned … Continue reading

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Team building can seriously damage your health

“We’re going to run a team-building event.” The first time I heard those words I was a young graduate trainee. I was still too junior to go on the three-day outdoor bonding exercise but I remember the effect it had on … Continue reading

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