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Wot? No workforce data?

I was somewhat surprised to read this when I looked at the NHS productivity website this morning: Unfortunately due to the introduction of the Electronic Staff record (ESR), the Department of Health have been unable to produce the workforce indicators … Continue reading

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Prepare for privatisation

Outsourcing company Serco shot up the FTSE 100 league table earlier this week after reporting a 31 per-cent rise in revenues and a confident outlook for the next few years. Damian Reece , in the Telegraph, remarked that the FTSE 100 now contains seven … Continue reading

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The conflict between branding and diversity

Employee Branding is a concept that has been around for a few years now. For those who have never heard of it, Employee Branding is not about employers stamping logos on their workers with a hot iron, although I often think some … Continue reading

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Teflon colleagues

Have you ever worked with a Teflon colleague? I have come across several during my career. A couple of them even had the word in the nicknames by which they were known, as in ‘Teflon James’ or ‘Teflon Andy’. Whatever … Continue reading

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Shoesmith case fast-tracked by the High Court

The Times reports that Sharon Shoesmith’s legal challenge against the government has been fast-tracked by the High Court. The judicial review, in which Ms Shoesmith will try to prove that Ed Balls exceeded his powers when he removed her, will start on 7th … Continue reading

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The NHS – as good as US heathcare but much much cheaper

When American campaigners against President Obama’s health-care reforms attacked his plans by throwing wild accusations against the NHS, it was inevitable that the row would spread to Britain. In the media and the blogosphere, the supporters and opponents of both systems … Continue reading

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Government prepares for public sector job cuts

Sorry for the silence over the last week or so. I’ve been busy dealing with all sorts of difficult stuff, the lessons from which will eventually, no doubt, be the subject of future posts. The evidence, if any were needed, that the … Continue reading

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