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Taking back control – if only for a day

John Lanchester has a long piece in the London Review of Books reflecting on Brexit. It’s worth making the time to read it in full but this piece struck a chord: To be born in many places in Britain is … Continue reading

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It’s beginning to feel a bit 2012-ish

The gig economy is back, it seems. Yesterday’s ONS employment data showed self-employment at a record high both in terms of absolute numbers and as a percentage of total employment. Source: ONS Labour Market Statistics, 20 July 2016 For a while … Continue reading

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The great pensions cock-up

It must be nearly 30 years now since my boss asked me to review all the company’s standard HR letters to make sure they complied with the law and company policy. It’s the sort of project you give to a … Continue reading

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Leave vote may do more damage to the poorer regions

On the weekend after the EU referendum, the BBC asked a middle-aged Welsh voter whether he was worried about Wales losing its EU money. The man replied that it was “our money anyway”.  Presumably, by this, he meant that the UK … Continue reading

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No reason to cheer as George’s ship sinks

As soon as Theresa May said she was ready to ditch the deficit target I knew the game was up. Sure enough, a day later, George Osborne announced that he was abandoning the 2020 budget surplus target. A Brexit vote was … Continue reading

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37.4% – not even enough for an overtime ban

Yesterday evening, at the first CIPD employment law update since the referendum, Darren Newman pointed out that the decision to leave the EU has been taken on the basis of a vote that wouldn’t pass the threshold of the new … Continue reading

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In praise of can-kicking

We’ve voted to leave the EU. What happens now? Well no-one is quite sure and that is already causing problems. Early signs suggest that some businesses will respond by freezing recruitment, postponing investment and relocating jobs out of the UK. … Continue reading

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