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Want to stop the spending cuts? That’ll be £25 billion!

The Institute for Fiscal Studies was scathing about the government’s spending review. Even though George Osborne was working into the night with a takeaway burger, it seems that he and his team still couldn’t put out a proper explanation of … Continue reading

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Regulation at a glance

The Bank for International Settlements, the central bankers’ organisation, produced its annual report this week. It has already been criticised by some for its recommendations  but it’s still worth reading. You may not agree with the conclusions its authors come … Continue reading

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From non-jobs to non-businesses

There’s plenty to chew on in the IFS report on falling wages and low productivity. We may hear the term ‘wage rage‘ more often as the next election draws near. This graph caught my eye though, as it confirms something … Continue reading

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When the roses bloom again

I wonder how many people have read as far as the long-term projections at the end of the OECD’s Economic Outlook. Ed Conway was one of the few to comment on them and he noticed a “whopping slab of good news … Continue reading

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