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12 billion flying pigs

A couple of reports on welfare social security spending came out either side of Christmas. The Institute for Fiscal Studies noted that, while spending is forecast to fall as a percentage of GDP, it is still set to rise in … Continue reading

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The future of work: Tech Yeah! vs Tech Meh!

There are, broadly, two views about future technological advances doing the rounds at the moment. I’ve nicknamed them Tech Yeah! and Tech Meh! Tech Yeah! is the more mainstream of the two. You hear it from the futurologists at management conferences and in … Continue reading

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We don’t need to change the law on strikes

Increasing the threshold for strike ballots is back on the Conservatives’ agenda again.  Trade unions are arguing against it based on the fact that a lot of MPs and most recent governments have been elected by a minority of voters. It’s a … Continue reading

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Lies, damned lies and percentages of GDP

A bit of a row blew up over Christmas and New Year about the government’s claim to have halved the deficit. Frazer Nelson called them out over it, saying that they hadn’t halved it at all. A government spokesman replied to … Continue reading

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Are the Chancellor’s spending cuts feasible?

Adam Memon and the Centre for Policy Studies reckons I’m an Economic Defeatist and that the cuts proposed by George Osborne for the next parliament are “both necessary and feasible“. The cuts are necessary, says Adam, because debt interest payments are … Continue reading

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