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Geraint Anderson trounced by John Redwood

I’m reading Geraint Anderson’s book City Boy at the moment. I’ll do a full review when I’ve finished it as there is plenty in there that will be of interest to this blog’s readers. Whatever else you might think of him, … Continue reading


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Why the surprise at another story of bankers’ greed?

Robert Peston had his Victor Meldrew face on last night as he announced his latest scoop about Fred Goodwin on the BBC news. Gasping in that I-don’t-belieeeeve-it sort of way, he announced that the former CEO of RBS is already being paid £650,000 a year from … Continue reading

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Royal Mail and the private sector

The row over the part privatisation of the Royal Mail continues, as Labour MPs threaten to rebel, leaving Gordon Brown in the embarrassing position of having to rely on Tory votes to get the bill through Parliament. There is little … Continue reading

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Slumdog Millionaire and British innovation

We British like to think we are an innovative people. Innovation, though, comes in many forms and the film Slumdog Millionaire is a good example. Britain is uniquely placed in the world, having historical, cultural and family ties with Europe, … Continue reading

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Newly discovered HR blogs

The latest HR Carnival is up at Jon Ingham’s place and in it are a couple of British HR blogs I hadn’t come across. HR with Balls is written by a bloke (I think it’s a bloke. The language is certainly bloke-ish) … Continue reading

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Why do employers pay bonuses?

Writing in defence of bonuses, Chris Dillow says: There’s good evidence (pdf) that some forms (pdf) of profit-related pay can improve (pdf) productivity quite significantly. True enough, but there is also evidence that many organisations don’t have a clue whether … Continue reading

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Spitting at bank cashiers won’t solve anything

The trouble with tabloid-led hysteria is that some of the more ignorant people in our society seem to think it gives them a legitimate pretext for rude and violent behaviour. Whatever you think of Sharon Shoesmith, there is no excuse for making … Continue reading

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Auditors and the three wise monkeys

According to the Evening Standard, the business empire of Allen Stanford, the Texan tycoon facing multi-billion dollar fraud charges in the USA, was audited by a firm of accountants operating from a terraced house in Enfield. Sounds dodgy doesn’t it? Then … Continue reading

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Will the recession make us dress smarter?

I have posted many times on the great dress down nightmare but, I wonder, will the recession get us all dressing smarter again? Earlier this month, TM Lewin, the Jermyn Street shirt retailer, reported an increase in sales. Could that be … Continue reading

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Breaking the silence

Sorry for the lack of posts. My day job suddenly got very busy at the same time as I had arranged to go on the second stage of my NLP course. Always the way ain’t it? I should have chance … Continue reading

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