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In praise of can-kicking

We’ve voted to leave the EU. What happens now? Well no-one is quite sure and that is already causing problems. Early signs suggest that some businesses will respond by freezing recruitment, postponing investment and relocating jobs out of the UK. … Continue reading

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Looking behind the Brexit anger

Was the referendum result the revenge of the ‘left-behind’ voters? Not the most recently left-behind, says the Resolution Foundation’s Torsten Bell. Those areas that have experienced the sharpest fall in income since EU enlargement might have been expected to vote … Continue reading

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Why I’m voting Remain

Since I started this blog 9 years ago, this is only the second time I have taken an overtly political stance, the first time being over the Scottish referendum. This is unquestionably the most important vote in my lifetime (at least, so … Continue reading

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Post-Brexit Britain: a deregulated pariah state

A post-Brexit Britain would become a deregulated pariah state, warns Adam Posen: In the face of a post-Brexit recession, a new government would scramble to be seen to act in retaining or creating jobs. Given the blow to trade and … Continue reading

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Leave campaign rots from the head

The Treasury Select Committee’s report on the EU Referendum campaigns was reported as a plague on both your houses because both sides were criticised for their claims. Look at it more closely though and it wasn’t. The chair’s comments give a flavour. He … Continue reading

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Back to the 50s, the 1550s

What would a standalone Britain look like? We don’t really know because there has never been one. For its entire history, Great Britain has been part of something bigger. By the time King James united England and Scotland under one … Continue reading

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Britain will lose its influence after Brexit

There hasn’t been much discussion of foreign policy during the referendum campaign. This is odd because a lot of foreigners are taking an interest in what might be about to happen. And most of them think we have taken leave of our … Continue reading

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The fiscal vandalism of Brexit

The reaction of Conservative MPs to George Osborne’s warning of a post-Brexit emergency budget makes me wonder where they have been for the past five years. We do not believe that he would find it possible to get support in parliament … Continue reading

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Building a better hierarchy: Why middle managers matter

It’s become fashionable over the years to have a go at middle managers. They tend to get blamed for everything that is wrong in an organisation. These plodding mediocrities stifle innovation. Even if they don’t stop change altogether, they slow it … Continue reading

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Insecurity: the missing piece of the labour market puzzle

Yesterday’s report by Citizens’ Advice highlighted the problem of income insecurity. It found, perhaps unsurprisingly, that security of income is as important to people as the amount of money they earn. Despite all the fashionable motivational stuff about being passionate about work, … Continue reading

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