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RBS contractors – spare me the righteous indignation

There will be a lot of HR people thinking ‘there but for the grace of God’ after reading about the Hays employee who accidentally sent the details of contractors’ day rates to 800 RBS staff. I’ve never done anything quite that bad, though … Continue reading

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Is blogging dead?

Going by the frequency of posting on this blog recently, you could be forgiven for thinking so. I have the usual excuses, pressure of work etc, plus the impending evacuation of me and mine from our house due to flooding. … Continue reading

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The Lullaby of Threadneedle Street….

….or the Mervyn King Blues. A musical interlude to cover the recent lack of posting on this blog. As sung by Doug Shaw.

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Time to rethink those police cuts

A couple of weeks ago, the government’s police cuts were looking like a done deal. Now, after three days of the worst rioting Britain has seen in decades, people are wondering whether this is really a good time to start reducing police … Continue reading

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NHS in efficiency shocker

With everything else that has been going on, this has been a bad week for burying good news. The NHS making £4.3bn efficiency savings in the last financial year doesn’t have the same wow factor as riots and looting. According to … Continue reading

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Putting a price on political stability

America suffered a blow to its prestige at the weekend when Standard and Poor’s downgraded its credit rating, removing its AAA status. President Obama’s opponents are blaming him for running up a high debt, as if the country’s debt problems only … Continue reading

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Why I don’t buy the 10 percent tipping point

Paul Herbert reckons HR people are sweating too much over culture change. His argument runs like this: Here’s the truth… you’re working too hard to change culture. Recently, Scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute found that when just 10 percent of the … Continue reading

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