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Is there a North-South divide? And where is it?

The latest New Statesman issue is all about the north, or t’north. See, I’ve already read Stuart Maconie’s piece, How to write about the north, so I got a typical northern accenty bit in there as soon as I could. … Continue reading

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Business Demographics

Just caught up with some fascinating reports on business demography from the ONS. (HT Chris Dillow.) This one on Business Populations for 2013 has some  interesting charts. The report notes that the number of businesses in the UK is now at … Continue reading

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Big Brother, Big Sister and control-freakery

Chris reckons the totalitarians have won, citing some recent examples of managerialist control-freakery. He might also have pointed to the ever more regimented hothousing of teenagers and this creepy letter from a primary school, threatening parents with a ‘Racial Discrimination … Continue reading

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A Comment Award for the boy who couldn’t write

Yesterday, I received an award for this blog at the Editorial Intelligence Comment Awards. I was very pleased to be chosen and I really didn’t expect to win it. No really, I didn’t! It was a particularly sweet moment for … Continue reading

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High pay, low pay and secular stagnation

A speech by Larry Summers to the IMF last week got people talking. It’s well worth listening to the whole thing because there is some great stuff in it. The bit that got everyone’s attention, though, is his comment on the … Continue reading

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Demographic timebomb – not as timebomby if we work a bit longer

As I said a couple of years ago, old people ain’t what they used to be. The stooping old women you see in the grainy old films from the 1920s were only in their mid 50s. Nowadays, 55-year-old women look … Continue reading

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Acid Retirement Home

They were talking about Acid House on the radio this morning. On Radio 4. On the Today programme! Then again, Acid House was 25 years ago and the people who made it happen are now middle-aged. Was it the last … Continue reading

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Public service cuts: Has the government gotten away with it?

There’s a Cuts-Are-Working meme going around at the moment. David Cameron was at it again on Monday, claiming that his government’s strategy has been so successful that he plans to carry on cutting after the next election. There are two … Continue reading

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Bugles calling for them from sad shires

Yesterday, BBC producer Richard Turner posted this picture of two servicemen conducting a Remembrance Sunday service at a remote war memorial, somewhere in Norfolk. He made the following comment: These two men did a Remembrance ceremony yesterday with no witnesses … Continue reading

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Synthesisers and Provocateurs

Last summer, I spent a morning with Peter Cheese, Perry Timms and Kate Griffiths-Lambeth, chewing the fat about the future of work, organisations and the HR profession. Kate posted her reflections on our discussion a couple of days later. One … Continue reading

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