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Choose your elites – I’ll go with the ones that have done some proper work

The FT’s Janan Ganesh was at his most eloquent earlier this week when he laid into Leave campaigners who dismiss anything from the Remain side as establishment or elitist. There is bespoke invective for any third party who speaks against their cause, always … Continue reading

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The ageing society – it’s a global thing

An ageing population is not just a developed country problem, says Steve Johnson in the FT. This mind-boggling graphic shows the speed at which countries went, or are expected to go, from 7 percent to 21 percent of their population aged over 65, … Continue reading

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After Brexit: Fewer immigrants or just different immigrants?

There was a new twist on the Brexit and immigration question last week. The Leave campaign came up with the Save British Curry slogan. Priti Patel blamed the EU for the tougher restrictions on non-EU workers. This, she claimed, was preventing restauranteurs from … Continue reading

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Talent on tap but productivity splutters

According to the ONS, the discrepancy between the immigration figures and the number of National Insurance numbers issued to EU nationals can be explained by short-term migration. The regularly reported ONS figures only counted people who were in the UK for … Continue reading

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What happens when the tax credits go?

UK citizens are among the the least likely in the EU to be trapped in poverty according to ONS statistics released yesterday. Around 6.5 percent of the UK population is in persistent poverty, compared to an EU average of 10.4 percent. … Continue reading

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