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Were the 1970s really that bad?

The Seventies were crap. It’s one of those things that ‘everybody knows’. The unions held the country to ransom, refuse piled up in the streets, power cuts were frequent and the fashions were embarrassing. The economy was tanking and Britain … Continue reading

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Creativity: Should the ‘mediocre middle’ be kept inside the box?

Can we all be creative given the right circumstances or is creativity the preserve of a few naturally talented people? It’s an important question for organisations. If it’s the former, you foster an environment where people are given as much … Continue reading

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Is there a creativity crisis?

Chris Dillow reckons we are facing a crisis of creativity. “What might be the most important question in economics,” he says, is “how to encourage creativity.” I say this is the most important question because it is the main cause … Continue reading

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Global cities

If you want to fritter away an hour or two on a Friday, you could do worse than play around with this fascinating Global cities graphic from McKinsey. It maps cities by population, GDP and Per Capita GDP in 2007 … Continue reading

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The end of the state as we knew it

Two reports about the cost of ageing and its fiscal impact came out last week. The IMF’s Financial Stability Report concluded that the cost of longevity has been consistently underestimated. By 2050, it says, if people are living for even … Continue reading

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Leadership lessons from dictators and warlords

A bronze statue of Genghis Khan, by Buryat sculptor Dashi Namdakov, was placed at Marble Arch this weekend. The occasion lead Kate to consider the khan’s legacy and his leadership style. I can never decide whether Genghis Khan was a ruthless … Continue reading

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Time out

I’m off for a few days on a finance and risk management action learning event. Normal service (whatever that is) will be resumed next week.

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