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A 4 percent increase in self-employment. Oh dear!

Yesterday’s rise in unemployment took the total to a seventeen year high but the 128,000 rise over the last quarter hides something just as significant. Over the same period, the number of employees fell by 252,000. Much of the difference between … Continue reading

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710,000 jobs to go – Austerity will be the new normal

One person who won’t have been surprised by this week’s economic forecast is CIPD Chief Economist John Philpott. Last year, he predicted public sector job losses of 725,000 contradicting the Office for Budget Responsibility’s official forecast of 400,000. During a typical outbreak … Continue reading

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Should we really expect to retire at 65?

Public sector pensions are being cut and the state retirement age is slowly but surely being pushed towards seventy. Many people are outraged by all this but is it reasonable, now, to expect to retire at 65? Most of us have … Continue reading

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