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Paid off or shoved off? A handy guide to social class

There has been a lot of fuss recently about high payoffs for BBC managers, though these were dwarfed by the massive sum awarded to Rebekah Brooks. The ‘rewards for failure’ charges came from both left and right. I can’t comment about the … Continue reading


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A visit to Father Christmas

Santa: Ho ho ho, Johnny, what would you like for Christmas? Little Johnny: I’d like a Chelsea strip and an Xbox. Santa: I’m sure we can do that. Little Johnny: Actually, I asked you for a Chelsea strip last year but I never got … Continue reading

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What if you were bullet-proof?

A few weeks ago, Neil Morrison wrote a piece on the etiquette of resigning. The message, in short, was don’t get demob happy. Behave during your notice period as you would behave if you were still planning to be working … Continue reading

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Mind the Gap

I’ve been very busy over the last few weeks, which is why there hasn’t been much on here of late and why I missed some fascinating discussions a few weeks ago about the size of the Output Gap. No, don’t … Continue reading

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