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Gordon Brown is whistling in the dark

At last a government minister has admitted that spending cuts are inevitable after the next election, even as Gordon Brown still tries to pretend otherwise. Despite the talk in the media of green shoots, last week’s OECD report gave the grimmest assessment … Continue reading

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Does anyone in government actually know how to cut spending?

Andrew Rawnsley has a piece in today’s Observer covering similar themes to my post last week; that whoever wins the next election will have to make savage spending cuts, that it makes no sense to ring-fence the NHS from these … Continue reading

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Strikes – time to bone up on the law again

Sorry for the lack of posts here this week. As I explained a while ago, I’m involved in a big corporate re-organisation at the moment and, as those of you with experience of such things will know, when you’re not … Continue reading

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Public spending: The Tories are being dishonest too

For a moment last week it looked as though Andrew Lansley was in deep trouble. He did something that, in David Cameron’s Tory party, counts as a cardinal sin. He came dangerously close to making a policy announcement. However, the Tory spin machine, … Continue reading

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Gordon should stay – at least for now

This is all starting to get a bit silly. We have Cabinet members resigning and calling for the Prime Minister to go, a group of Labour MPs doing the same and now the Guardian, Labour’s staunchest ally in the press, is … Continue reading

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Experts cast doubt on Darling’s public sector cost savings

The day after the budget I expressed some doubts about Alistair Darling’s plan for public sector cost savings. It appears that I’m not the only sceptic. One of the Operational Efficiency Programme’s authors, former Logica CEO Martin Read is not convinced … Continue reading

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