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The truth about the HR department

Channel 4 Chairman Luke Johnson had a go at the HR function in yesterday’s FT. As well as repeating the usual gripes, he injected a whiff of conspiracy theory into his polemic. Of course, senior executives understand that HR is powerful … Continue reading

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Marmite employees

Here’s another one for my collection of useful tags. ‘Marmite’ is a term I heard a couple of days ago to describe a certain type of employee. Before I go any further, for the benefit of non-British readers, Marmite is a food spread … Continue reading

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Too much empowerment

I wonder what would happen if Dr Paul Thomas (see previous post) were to suggest to managers at Societe Generale that they should get rid of hierarchy and empower their employees. I think they would probably kick him down the stairs. The £3.7 billion loss run up … Continue reading

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Empowerment and getting rid of managers

A lot of business schools are still more ‘school’ than ‘business’. The University of Glamorgan’s Business School, it seems, is no exception, if the profile of Senior Lecturer Paul Thomas is anything to go by. It tells us all about his … Continue reading

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Body language and self-awareness

The Guardian’s Lynsey Thomas wrote a piece on body language on Saturday. I started to notice the body language of the successful: the straight back, the easy manner in which they spout on about nothing in particular, all the while … Continue reading

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Sir John Harvey Jones

I was sad to hear of the death of John Harvey-Jones last week. He was a great business leader, running ICI when it was still Britain’s biggest company, before Zeneca was sold off. He was also probably the first business guru in … Continue reading

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China – different but perhaps not that different

Following a link from Ask a Manager, I discovered Frank Mulligan’s Talent in China blog. In his New Year post he gives some advice to non-Chinese managers who are working in China. As you might expect, cultural differences account for many of the  potential … Continue reading

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