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Culture change is social change

If organisational culture were a person he’d be feeling utterly hacked off by now. Rarely consulted about anything that happens in the organisation, he always takes the heat when things go wrong. Culture, it seems, is to blame for the … Continue reading

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The self-employed will not save the economy

There are fewer people cheering on the rise in self-employment these days. Even the Daily Mail was pretty downbeat about the most recent statistics. There’s still the odd one though. The Telegraph’s Robert Colville reckons it “might just save Britain’s … Continue reading

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IFS boss warns of shock and awe

The Institute of Fiscal Studies released its Green Budget this week. I looks pretty grim. Two and a half years on from its 2010 spending review, the government’s assumptions about deficit reduction have proved to be way wide of the … Continue reading

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Don’t encourage the odd-jobbers – we have enough already

The number of self-employed people has reached yet another record high. According to the BBC, the government’s work programme advisors have been helping things along by advising people to set up their own businesses. Doubtless, they would claim that they … Continue reading

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Why Nations Fail

Spending nearly half of January out of the country was a good idea. I not only missed most of the bad weather but I also got around to reading Why Nations Fail, as number of you suggested I should. It is, … Continue reading

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Workplace archeology

Robin Schooling has been on an archeological dig around her office. Here, she describes some of detritus she has found and expresses surprise that people are still using this stuff: While strolling through a workplace recently I unearthed some interesting … Continue reading

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