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Lessons in rock ‘n’ roll history

When I was growing up I thought rock ‘n’ roll started in 1955. That is probably because everybody on the radio and TV at the time told me it did. By the 1970s, the radio stations were being run by people … Continue reading

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Sofa, so good…

In case you missed it, OBR chairman Robert Chote was in fine form last week when giving evidence to the Scottish Parliament’s Finance Committee. Remember that money the OBR found behind the sofa at the end of last year? Following the Autumn Statement, … Continue reading

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Self-employment and public employment edge closer

In the melee of the run up to Christmas, a couple of items in the ONS employment stats release passed without much comment. Firstly there was a rise in the number of self-employed people. As expected, self-employment fell once the recovery in employee jobs … Continue reading

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