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We Love Local Government

Sad news this week; the chaps at We Love Local Government are closing their blog down. I understand their reasons. A group blog is a double-edged sword. You can pump out a lot of posts which gets you a regular … Continue reading

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Barclays falls back on the rogue trader fallacy

After his bank was found guilty of illegally manipulating Libor rates, Barclays CEO Bob Diamond said he was “sorry that some people acted in a manner not consistent with our culture and values”. Once again, we are being asked to believe … Continue reading

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This was no car crash. Chloe Smith will go far.

My Twitter stream today was full of stuff about how Chloe Smith had been savaged and humiliated by Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight and how cowardly it was for George Osborne to send in a wee lassie to defend his volte-face … Continue reading

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Local government in 2020: A preview of the state to come

As the combined implications of fiscal austerity and demographics start to sink in, we are beginning to get an idea of what life after Peak State might look like. The Local Government Association has published a projection of council finances for 2020 and … Continue reading

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Employee loyalty – What do I get?

I have never been loyal to an organisation. Ever. I feel the same way about loyalty as I feel about passion. It’s a big word and not one I use lightly. That doesn’t mean I’ve never been committed to my … Continue reading

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It would be surprising if people didn’t worry about immigration

Yesterday, Ed Miliband waded into that most toxic of political subjects with a speech on immigration. Labour, he said, got its immigration policy wrong. He will inevitably be shot at from at least two entrenched positions. Whatever he says will … Continue reading

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Should Civil Servants be ‘ranked and yanked’?

In a speech to Parliament yesterday, Aung San Suu Kyi appealed for help to build Burma’s civil service. She said, “governments may come and go but a civil service will go on forever.” The irony of asking for such help … Continue reading

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