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Is a bit of Marxism good for managers?

Many years ago, at the tail end of the Thatcher era, I did a CIPD qualification. On the syllabus was Harry Braverman’s Labor and Monopoly Capital. It was considered, at the time, to be the seminal Marxist work on the labour process and the … Continue reading


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Sky high race

I’m often impressed by the ability of women to run for trains and buses while wearing high heels. This, however, is just plain bloody stupid.

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Wake Up Call – Cat Style

There is a blogger tradition that Friday is Official Cat Blogging Day. That’s why I have posted this video which, if you’ve ever lived with a cat, will make you laugh. Our cat even sleeps in the same spot on the … Continue reading

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Blogger threatened by newspaper group

Associated Newspapers, owners of the Daily Mail and Evening Standard, have threatened recruitment blogger Peter Gold with legal action. It appears that Peter dissed The Appointment, their retail recruitment magazine, and so Associated have sent the boys round. Well, they’ve written Peter … Continue reading

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Tories would force firms to conduct pay audits

This is an odd thing to hear from a Tory shadow minister. Theresa May has said that employers who are found guilty of pay discrimination should be forced to conduct an equal pay audit. For those unfamiliar with this process, it … Continue reading

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Christmas party romance

Oh dear! The Corporate Whore is trying to pull one of the HR people at his firm. He’s planning to make his move at a pre-Christmas drinking bout. I just know it will end in tears. Possibly even P45s. These things always do.

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Norway’s equality minister sacked

Here’s an update on that story from Norway. Karita Bekkemellem, the minister who threatened to close firms down for not complying with the gender quota, has been sacked.  Whether her successor will continue with the policy to be seen. As soon as … Continue reading

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$1.1 million – for being gullible

If you are thinking of saving on your wage bill by employing stupid, gullible people, think again. It could end up costing you several million. HR Wench has a handy quiz to help you screen such people out of your organisation.

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Conference embarrassment

We don’t do embarrassing-bosses-at-conferences anywhere near as well as they do them in the USA. This looks rather endearing when compared to real toe-curling stuff like this: …..or this. If anyone else knows of any company-song, away-day humiliation, or bosses-who-should-know-better videos, point me to them. … Continue reading

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Norway to force gender quota on firms

Last week, I went to a talk by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. Go and see her if you get chance; she’s good value. She had a go at the French, which always goes down well with a British audience, and, in response to … Continue reading

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