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Michaelmas musings

Today is Michaelmas, one of the old quarter days when taxes and payments were due. Until 1752 it was the mid-point of the year. Michaelmas was the end of the harvest period and, therefore, a day when annual and quarterly agricultural contracts were renewed. … Continue reading

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Are religious people really suffering workplace discrimination?

This week’s Mandy Rice-Davies award goes to a study which found ‘substantial’ religious discrimination in the workplace. The evidence? Religious people told the researchers they had been discriminated against. What sort of discrimination did they suffer? [The research] also found new examples … Continue reading

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Why are the Conservatives doing God?

The Conservative Party ‘does God’, says Eric Pickles, contrasting the ethos of his government with the famous “We don’t do God” quote from Labour’s Alistair Campbell. His article stresses the importance of Christianity and, implicitly, backs the right of Nadia Eweida … Continue reading

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Boris and the ghost of militancy past

In what some are seeing as a veiled challenge to David Cameron, Boris Johnson has attacked the trade unions. He is demanding a 50 percent threshold for strike ballots, further restrictions on picketing and, effectively, the banning of all-out strikes in ‘essential’ … Continue reading

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No ‘human rights agenda’ means no religious discrimination cases!

Michael Nazir-Ali, the former Bishop of Rochester, seems a bit confused.  He’s complaining about the ‘human rights agenda’ while, at the same time, backing Christians who are bringing court cases under human rights law. Let’s imagine, for a moment, a … Continue reading

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