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Friday bank bailout joke

Just seen this on HR Wench’s blog. For a UK version, you’d have to replace Paulson with Darling, and AIG, Citigroup and Fannie and Freddie with Northern Rock, HBOS and RBS, but the principle is the same.

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Public Sector Rich List (Revised)

Funny how things can change in the course of just a few days. The Public Sector Rich List, published by the Taxpayers’ Alliance earlier this week, is already out of date. Top of the list was Iain Coucher, Chief Executive of … Continue reading

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Awards night hangover

Maximum respect to Dawn Spalding, editor of Personnel Today, who managed to get a post up at 8.30 this morning about last night’s Personnel Today Awards. I was at the party until 2.30am too and I didn’t wake up until … Continue reading

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Zero bonuses for bankers

They may read the Financial Times every day but it seems that a lot of bankers still don’t get what’s happening. For many, life in the financial sector is going on pretty much as it did before. The Telegraph has been … Continue reading

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The BNP HR manager

I suppose this was inevitable. At least one of the people outed as BNP members last week is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Guru has a wry take on it here, predicting that the embarrassed … Continue reading

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Al-Qaeda in pay discrimination shock

A quote from terrorism specialist Evan Kohlmann on the Rush Limbaugh show: Al-Qaeda itself has had problems with racism and bigotry within the ranks, and it was only about a decade and a half ago that Al-Qaeda was paying different salaries … Continue reading

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BNP members could cause headaches for employers

The media have been voyeuristically poring over the leaked BNP membership lists, trying to find something or someone interesting enough to write about. Even the Financial Times, where the letters BNP usually refer to a French bank, has this handy little tool to help … Continue reading

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Smiling through the slump

Another one sent to me by people at Canary Wharf. I think there’s a sort of gallows humour going on over there. An architect, a surgeon and a banker are discussing the Creation. The surgeon says: ‘Look, we surgeons are … Continue reading

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Who is wearing the red shirt?

HR Minion found this Star Trek poster, which looks like it’s from that famous de-motivational slides series. Those old enough to remember Star Trek, or geeky enough to have watched the repeats, will remember that every episode, the crew were beamed down … Continue reading

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RBS will leave the UK too broke to join the Euro

In uncertain times times, it is human nature to seek safety in numbers. Looking for a gang to join or a big tent to shelter in makes sense when the outside world looks dangerous. Iceland, after years of opposition, is considering joining … Continue reading

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