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Fiscal Fallout: £48bn extra cuts by 2018

The RSA and Social Market Foundation report Fiscal Fallout got very little coverage this week. There were reports in the Guardian, the Telegraph and Public Finance but, if it made the TV or radio news, I must have blinked and missed it. This … Continue reading

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Is London finished?

Predictions of London’s demise as a financial centre come along almost as regularly as its red double-deckers. Earlier this week, the Centre for Economics and Business Research announced that London would lose its number one status by 2015. The number of … Continue reading

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CIPD12: Where was the context?

Three days later, I’ve finally worked out what was nagging away at me during the CIPD conference last week. There were some great speakers and some fascinating topics up for discussion. It was a very thought-provoking few days and there … Continue reading

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Two decades in HR – has anything really changed?

My mind is still whirling around after the CIPD conference. It wasn’t just the speakers and case studies that got me thinking, it was also the conversations I had with people afterwards. There is probably enough material there for a … Continue reading

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Getting to the top table

A fascinating session from Linda Kennedy at the CIPD conference, on influencing the board. It was aimed at HR professionals, who are forever moaning about not being given a seat at the top table, but the advice could apply to … Continue reading

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Does employment protection encourage innovation?

The government keeps telling us that workplace rights are holding back economic growth, even though there is precious little evidence to support its claim and a lot of countries with more employment protection than the UK are outperforming us. But … Continue reading

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Bucolic baloney

It’s probably bad form to have a go at the world’s most influential business thinker the day before he gives a keynote speech to the CIPD but, while there are some things in his interview and his other writing that I agree with, this is bucolic … Continue reading

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