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Lemmy: dark star, Capricorn

There are about half a dozen bands I have seen more times than I can remember. One of those is Motorhead. I remember them appearing in the late 1970s at a time when a lot of heavy rock had disappeared up its own … Continue reading

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Training: going out of fashion for a decade

The Resolution Foundation’s report on wage growth and productivity yesterday notes the ongoing decline of training. Time spent on all training has been falling for the last decade or so but the deterioration has been sharper for off-the-job courses. Source: Resolution Foundation Earnings … Continue reading

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Human capital shallowing

Economists use the term capital deepening to describe an increase in the amount of capital per worker in the economy. Joao Paulo Pessoa and John Van Reenen argued that the UK’s fall in productivity was due to its opposite, capital … Continue reading

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What will the gig economy do for innovation?

Thanks to Tim Harford, I have recently discovered a blog on creativity by Keith Sawyer from the University of North Carolina. He is the author of Group Genius in which he argues that creativity comes from collaboration rather than from a few brilliant individuals. [W]e’re drawn … Continue reading

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Thousands held back from their dream of self-employment. Thankfully!

A press release from Citizen’s Advice at the weekend said that 40 percent of the workforce would like to work for themselves but only 15 percent have managed to do so. It warns that red-tape and lack of support is “creating a barrier to people … Continue reading

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