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If you are wondering why I haven’t said anything about the spending cuts, it’s because I am on holiday enjoying lots of sunshine and laziness. Check out Chris Dillow and Freemania for comments on the public spending announcements. I’m sure Giles would … Continue reading

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Pretend-localism to continue under the new government

Just seen the new coalition’s programme for government. It reminds me of an attempt to consolidate all the outputs from a management away day. You know the sort of thing I mean; all the groups scawl overlapping or contradictory ideas on a set of flipcharts then … Continue reading

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Blog plug – The Freethinking Economist

One of my more tiresome three-pint rant subjects is about the tunnel vision of HR professionals – and of managers generally. Most are able to pontificate at length about the minutiae of their chosen fields but many display a woeful lack of any … Continue reading

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Government takes on those public sector fat-cats

Have you noticed how a different set of rules seem to apply to public sector and private sector pay? In the private sector, if you cap the pay and bonuses of investment bankers and plc directors it will lead to … Continue reading

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George Osborne before he was famous

The FT’s Gideon Rachman recalls interviewing a young George Osborne for a job with the Economist at the fag-end of the last century. I don’t know what the Economist’s HR department would think about Gideon revealing details of supposedly confidential recruitment interviews, … Continue reading

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So how will this cap on immigration work?

LONDON, 14 MAY 2012 – Global investment bank MorganGoldensacks this morning threatened to move its entire operation out of the United Kingdom after it was refused permission to relocate staff from New York, Singapore and Hong Kong to its London … Continue reading

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Civil Service cuts just got even more expensive

Remember those cuts to the Civil Service redundancy terms that I wrote about last August? Well the high court has just ruled them to be unlawful. That has seriously buggered things up. It was expensive enough to make Civil Servants … Continue reading

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