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Hierarchy works

There has been a lot of excitement about Zappos new hierarchy free, self-organising, boss-less organisation. The holocracy, as it’s known, is all very zeitgeisty. My Twitter timeline is full of articles about smashing corporate hierarchies and getting rid of executives. Last year, Gary … Continue reading

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2013 – Blog in the rear view

The WordPress folk have sent me the stats for last year which, as ever, caused me to reflect on the stuff I’ve posted and on the strange world of blogging. It’s been a busy year for me in my day … Continue reading

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Is the NHS really over-managed?

UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall made a fool of himself on Question Time last week when he said that the NHS had two managers for every nurse. His claim has already been taken apart by Full Fact who produced this graph … Continue reading

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£12 billion more benefit cuts? Where from?

Has George Osborne been listening to the Institute of Fiscal Studies? After the Autumn Statement, the IFS said that, to keep the post-election cuts to public services at their current rate, the Chancellor would need to find another £12 billion, either … Continue reading

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