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Cameron’s veto – why no applause from British business?

David Cameron claimed to be protecting British business and, especially, the City when he wielded his veto at the EU summit on Friday. You might, then, have expected him to return home to a rapturous welcome from bankers and business … Continue reading

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Do Tory EU sceptics really want us to be more like Switzerland?

Something funny happened this weekend. Lots of right-ish Tories, some of them self-professed libertarians, started saying they wanted Britain to be more like Switzerland. David Cameron’s veto means that Britain can be more like Switzerland, cheered Tory MP Mark Reckless. … Continue reading

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The EU – Britain’s options are limited

As David Cameron flies off to Brussels, promising to bring back powers from the EU (whatever that means) in return for his support for the Euro rescue, he will hopefully keep in mind just what is at stake here. The … Continue reading

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The integrated Eurozone – a ‘pre-meet’ writ large

Historian EP Thompson remarked on our tendency to see history as a series of events which lead up to the present, and our own time, therefore, as the end of the story. So, for example, we say that capitalism eventually … Continue reading

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