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Has insecurity peaked?

Have we passed Peak Insecurity? The Resolution Foundation reckons we have. Britain’s labour market is at a tipping point, says director Torsten Bell. [T]here is good reason to believe that the labour market shifts over the next decade will be … Continue reading

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When trying to increase your pay was dangerous

Andy Haldane’s speech in Bradford this week made headlines because of his comments about interest rates but what he said about stagnating wages is much more interesting. He looked at the evolution of the Phillips curve, which shows the relationship … Continue reading

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Is austerity over?

Is austerity really over? That depends what you mean by austerity, of course. Certainly the aggressive deficit reduction targets that George Osborne set and kept missing have been abandoned. As the Resolution Foundation’s Adam Corlett pointed out before the election, … Continue reading

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The end of the Long 90s

Are we at a pivotal moment in British politics? Is last Thursday’s electoral upset a sign that the assumptions of the last three decades no longer hold true? For the last 30 years, what David Goodhart called “the two liberalisms” … Continue reading

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Brexit: Are we facing a workforce crunch?

One good thing to come out of the Brexit vote (though some of you might dispute this) is that I’m getting invited to do more panel discussions and round tables. At a couple I have been to recently, senior executives … Continue reading

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Pay attention business: politics is back!

Yesterday I went to a Brexit Briefing organised by the Global Success Partnership. We got into a discussion about how unprepared business was for what happened in 2016 and how most companies still have a pretty poor grasp of politics. … Continue reading

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