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Government may ban interim managers

At least, that’s the implication of Paragraph 2.207 in the Budget red book: Personal service companies and IR35  –  The Government will introduce a package of measures to tackle avoidance through the use of personal service companies and to make the IR35 … Continue reading

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The NHS – it’s a system, stupid!

The NHS risk register, or at least the version of it that has made it into the public domain, doesn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know. I’ve discussed many of the risks at length here and Father Dougal spotted … Continue reading

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Directorships – Are women getting the seats but not the power?

Alison Chisnell has been digging into some of the statistics on female board members. The headline figures show some improvement. [W]omen now make up 15.6% of the boards in FTSE 100 companies, compared to 12.5% last March and a government target … Continue reading

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The NHS risk register – a weapon with dangerous fallout

Richard Wilson, the former cabinet secretary, warned yesterday that forcing the government to publish the NHS risk register could have unintended consequences: It is deeply disturbing that the storm over the Health and Social Care Bill, now at its height … Continue reading

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Why is the public sector so complex?

Henley’s Professor Simon Collinson reckons that central government departments are 30 percent more complex than private companies. He has developed a methodology to measure the level of complexity in an organisation and has come up with the Global Simplicity Index. A … Continue reading

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Land tax redux

Has Lord Oakeshott been reading my blog? Me, last year, on the subject of a Land Value Tax: The left’s billions in lost taxes are just as elusive as the right’s billions of public sector waste. When you look at the … Continue reading

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Not even banks go from nice to nasty in a decade

Things happen so quickly these days. Yesterday morning Greg Smith was a brave whistleblower, after his extraordinary piece in the New York Times attacking his employer Goldman Sachs. By the evening, UK time, the backlash had started with ad hominem attacks … Continue reading

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