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Product? The product is YOU!

A couple of stories caught my eye last week. Google plans to consolidate all its data from its various sources to build up more detailed profiles of its users. Twitter and Facebook also faced criticism over the tracking of users’ accounts. … Continue reading

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Vexatious employment claims – a vicious demon or a Will-o’-the-Wisp

A very good piece from John Read at XpertHR on George Osborne’s call for evidence on compensated no-fault dismissals. (See previous post.) The evidence, says John, has been elusive so far. There is something Will-o’-the-Wispish about this whole question. There … Continue reading

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Is small business a Good Thing?

Small business is, apparently, the Backbone of Britain. And the Backbone of Europe. And the Backbone of America. And the Backbone of Australia. If I could speak another language, I could probably find lots of other places that small business … Continue reading

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Five years of Fairy Tales

Yes, folks, this blog is five years old today. I’ve been cranking out this rubbish for half a decade now. I’ve done a celebratory guest post over at XpertHR, prefaced by some very kind words from Michael Carty. I set … Continue reading

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How normal is your social circle?

A quarter of a century ago, sitting in a labour economics lecture, I had an Aha! moment. We had been given a lot of dry statistics from the Department of Employment Gazette (remember that?) to look through. Two figures jumped … Continue reading

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