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The PowerPoint plague

The US Army is experiencing something of a backlash against PowerPoint after creating the ‘World’s worst PowerPoint slide’ to illustrate its strategy in Afghanistan. It probably isn’t the world’s worst slide; there must be hundreds of equally crap ones sitting on … Continue reading

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Public finances – just how much of a mess are we in?

As Marina Hyde notes, what should have been the main story of the day, the fact that the public finances are in the crap and the politicians don’t want to talk about it, has been blown away by Gordon Brown’s silly … Continue reading

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Judge’s ‘unease’ over Shoesmith ruling

I’ve now had time to read the judgement in the Sharon Shoesmith case and, while I was wrong about the outcome, it seems that I wasn’t as wrong as I initially thought. The judge ruled against Ms Shoesmith’s application for a judicial … Continue reading

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Sharon Shoesmith – judgement expected today

The High Court is due to give its judgement on Sharon Shoesmith’s dismissal today. Unfortunately, I shall be out of the country when it does. When I first questioned the soundness of Ms Shoesmith’s sacking and Ofsted’s sudden volte-face, the media witch-hunt … Continue reading

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A lesson for executives from Nick Clegg

With a few notable exceptions, most senior executives are not very good at public speaking, by which I mean real public speaking, not just standing up and droning through a Powerpoint presentation. One of the main reasons for this is … Continue reading

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Cutting public sector jobs is expensive

There was precious little discussion about the UK’s deficit in last night’s TV election debate. Hardly surprising given that politicians have spent months trying to dodge all the difficult questions. Too much work and not enough blogging time has left … Continue reading

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Don’t bank on efficiency savings

The Conservatives say they can get £12 billion more efficiency savings out of the public sector than the government has claimed. They have recruited Martin Read, the author of the Operational Efficiency Programme (OEP), to tell them how. The politicians’ … Continue reading

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Bob Crow shoots himself in the foot

Bob Crow made a complete prat of himself on Radio 4 this morning. Responding to Network Rail’s successful challenge to his union’s proposed strike he somehow managed, with a bizarre combination of obfuscation and aggression, to completely fail to get his point across.  The … Continue reading

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