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Pantomime Season – a new take on some old stories

Stuffed full of leftover Christmas turkey and with the kids going stir-crazy, we reach a point where we just want to get out of the house at this time of year. Many families head for the theatre to see a pantomime. But some say … Continue reading

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Spending cuts + reorganisation = train crash

I’ve been banging on for a while now about the scale of the spending cuts facing the public sector and how very few organisations in any sector have made savings this quickly over four years. Stephen Dorrell, chairman of the Commons … Continue reading

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Council mergers – a quick fix or a disaster waiting to happen?

The marriage between the London Boroughs of Camden and Islington is off. Announced in September as a cure for both boroughs’ budget headaches, it has now been firmly filed in the ‘too difficult’ box. The decision to cancel the merger has been blamed on personality … Continue reading

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A march against tuition fees – in 1984

Seeing the students playing cat and mouse with the police last week brought back a few memories so I thought I’d see if there was anything at all on the interweb about the student demo I went on in 1984. I … Continue reading

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Are Christians facing discrimination in the workplace?

The Not Ashamed campaign, launched yesterday with the support of some senior clergy, claims that Christians are facing discrimination at work. The website has stories from “those who have suffered for standing up and speaking up for Jesus Christ in … Continue reading

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Beware of politicians quoting ‘big numbers’

The financial crisis and its aftermath, a rising deficit and cuts to public spending, has led to a lot more discussion about numbers in the press and among politicians. Until a couple of years ago, most of us rarely thought about the … Continue reading

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