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The Tories and the Data Protection Act

Someone else has noticed that Conservative MP John Redwood wants to repeal the Data Protection Act. The Tories will keep quiet about that in the light of recent events. I’m surprised no-one in the Labour Party has thought to throw this piece of mud across … Continue reading

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Darling calls in the consultants

“If people had stuck to the procedures, this would never have happened.” How many times have you heard a senior manager say that? This was, more or less, what Alistair Darling said in his statement to the House of Commons yesterday, … Continue reading

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Surviving Office Politics

I’ve just come across this guide to office politics on Australian blog “All men are lairs”.  Here are a few extracts: Rule 1: There is ALWAYS office politics. There is nothing more naive than a perky friend starting a fresh gig … Continue reading

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Oh no, not a giant visioning workshop!

My post about Gordon Brown’s proposed core values statement inspired Jesse Walker of Reason Online to re-write John of Gaunt’s speech from Richard II in corporate speak: This Proactive Plot, This Synergistic Earth, This High-Impact Realm, This England. You may … Continue reading

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NLP steps in it

Here’s another one of those I-wish-I’d-said-that quotes: There is a dogshit attached to the shoe of NLP….. Hat Tip – Guru 

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Oh no, not a National Core Values Statement!

Yesterday on Radio 4 I heard someone say that Gordon Brown wants Britain to have a national motto and a statement of core values. With a sinking heart, I did a quick search and discovered that the government has quietly … Continue reading

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Fad-based management

My friend Rob Briner has a piece in the latest issue of People Management on evidence-based management. Rob has been writing on this subject for some time and his assertion is that much of what passes for people management in British … Continue reading

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