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2026 and All That

There are lots of articles around at the moment about the future of work. They pop up in my timeline frequently, often accompanied by videos of futurologists at conferences outlining their vision of work in the 2020s and beyond. There’s something … Continue reading

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Low pay and the deficit

As ever with the Office for Budget Responsibility’s reports, there is some fascinating stuff in its recently published Welfare Trends paper. The OBR expects the cost of social security to rise as a percentage of GDP after 2018, due mostly to … Continue reading

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Lost decade? We used to dream of a lost decade!

Last week’s employment statistics showed that the UK has finally closed its jobs gap. There are now as many people in work, as a percentage of 16-64 year olds, as there were before the recession. As Laura Gardiner said, though, … Continue reading

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Public finances: From La La Land to Dipsy Land

I managed to be out of the country for most of the party conferences so much of what I would probably have said has already been covered elsewhere. But just for the record…. The Conservatives’ statements on public finances were … Continue reading

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