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Religious dispute over a workplace prayer room

In October I wrote about religious disputes in the workplace arising as faith groups claimed rights that would ultimately come into conflict. This story from the Manchester Evening News is a good example. A HOSPITAL porter quizzed by police after a row over a crucifix being covered in … Continue reading

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Norwegian firms scramble to recruit female directors

Remember that story about the Norwegian government imposing a gender quota on publicly listed companies? Well it seems many companies have decided, at the eleventh hour, that the government might just be serious. The Wall Street Journal reports: As the law’s deadline nears, the scramble for … Continue reading

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Equal rights for agency workers

Now this could get interesting.

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Management development is the new Rock ‘n’ Roll

Is Rock ‘n’ Roll HR the new thing? First this and now this – drumming to improve performance and develop creativity. Is there any new research that I’m not aware of which is making executives turn to guitars, drums and singing as … Continue reading

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