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“Corporate conscience is impossible”

Here is the Milton Friedman Choir telling us that companies have no social duty. So much for corporate social responsibility, eh?

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The Apprentice

I’m never sure how much of The Apprentice is contrived. It’s probably not scripted but I doubt whether it is as spontaneous as it seems when the programme is shown. When the candidates arrive for the final dressing down from Alan Sugar, not knowing who … Continue reading


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Tip of the day

If you’ve got a Smartphone or pocket PC, here’s a piece of advice. Don’t play Bubble Breaker. It’s addictive. The firm that makes it has a warning on its website telling you not to play it if you have deadlines to meet.  When … Continue reading

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All workplaces have office politics

Recruitment firms sometimes massage the truth a bit when they write job ads. This one for a Commercial Temps Consultant says of the hiring company: ……they provide a supportive, encouraging environment, no office politics and a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Bullsheeeeit! There are always … Continue reading

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An imaginary boss

Here’s a film that looks like a must for anyone interested in the twists and turns of corporate life. The Boss of It All is about the owner of an IT company who pretends that he is not really the boss … Continue reading

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Could Polish workers get equal pay?

Yesterday evening, I went to a talk given by an employment lawyer. He can be no more certain of the future than any of us but he was prepared to speculate on the sort of cases which might come up over the next couple of … Continue reading

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Workplace teasing – or bullying?

Another Personnel Today survey, this time about how acceptable it is to make fun of how people look. Ginger-haired people have it worst. 81% thought it was OK to take the piss out of redheads. Blonde hair, regional accents and baldness … Continue reading

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HR managers and diversity

The unnamed writer in this week’s Personnel Today rant column complains that Human Resource managers are not a very diverse bunch. He (or she) says: The majority of HR professionals are white, middle class, middle-aged, Daily Mail-reading women. Anyone who … Continue reading

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Do people need hierarchy?

Chris Dillow at Stumbling and Mumbling thinks that, instead of reinforcing and perpetuating hierarchy through selective education, we should concentrate on breaking hierarchies down. Part of his argument (I think) is that hierarchies are unmanageable and in any case, even the … Continue reading

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