The Apprentice

I’m never sure how much of The Apprentice is contrived. It’s probably not scripted but I doubt whether it is as spontaneous as it seems when the programme is shown. When the candidates arrive for the final dressing down from Alan Sugar, not knowing who is going to get fired, they each have a small suitcase. The implication is that, as soon as someone is fired, he or she is straight off down the road carrying all their belongings.

But there is no way they could get all their stuff into one suitcase. Even the men have a few changes of clothes and the women have so many different outfits they would need a large trunk to fit it all in. The whole scene where they ride off in the taxi with their cases is just done for effect.

I’m even more convinced after seeing Naomi get fired last night. She left the boardroom wearing a grey suit and walked out to the taxi in a black one. That was two separate takes, probably on two separate days.

Which makes me wonder just how much of the rest of the show is pre-planned.

Ah what the hell, it’s still good telly though isn’t it?

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