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Banning strikes. Again.

Two months ago, Dominic Raab accused judges of “ivory tower logic” after they ruled that the decision to leave the European Union, based on the votes of 37 percent of the electorate, needed the approval of parliament. He seems to have … Continue reading

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Did we ever really do God at Christmas?

The “war on Christmas” is back, an annual tradition in which politicians, journalists and religious pressure groups make up stories about Christmas traditions being banned. This is then followed by lots of boorish middle-aged men taking to their keyboards to proclaim, … Continue reading

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Sneering at the workers

Don’t call people stupid for voting for Brexit, cried the Daily Mail. The Daily Express came up with the term Project Sneer to condemn anyone who suggested that working-class voters might have been duped when they voted for Brexit. They are “not thick, … Continue reading

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As usual, there was some very interesting stuff in the Institute for Fiscal Studies review of the Autumn Statement. This chart by Andrew Hood caught my eye. The over-60s escaped the post-recession income stagnation. On average, they have done rather … Continue reading

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No end to austerity

Four months ago, there was much cheering and dancing on George Osborne’s political grave (or at least his political cold-storage) as he announced the government’s abandonment of his deficit target and his own resignation. Some people, including the leader of the opposition and … Continue reading

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MPs should not vote for Article 50 until they are sure what it means

If you give notice to your landlord or your employer, you trigger a process which, if you don’t do anything else, will leave you homeless or jobless after a given period. Furthermore, even if you do take some action, the … Continue reading

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The High Court’s ruling means a better Brexit

The High Court has ruled that the government cannot trigger Article 50 to start the process of leaving the EU without an act of parliament. Unless and until the Supreme Court overturns that decision, that is now the law. The row that … Continue reading

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