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Why did our GDP growth leave the country?

It’s official then. Per capita GDP is now back to its pre-crisis level. Does that mean we can finally say the aftershock of 2007-08 is over? Not quite. Alongside its GDP measures, the ONS also calculates Net National Disposable Income (NNDI) – … Continue reading

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Living within our means

John McDonnell’s speech seemed to go down well with his supporters. Institute for Fiscal Studies boss Paul Johnson found it a bit confusing though: There was quite a lot of nodding towards things, or directions that he would like to take. … Continue reading

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Labour and the fiscal charter

Has John McDonnell really committed Labour to supporting George Osborne’s fiscal charter? A report in the Guardian at the weekend said: To the possible surprise of some on the left, McDonnell will announce that Labour MPs will be expected later this autumn … Continue reading

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Global greying and the great stagnation

A note from Morgan Stanley Research last week took an in-depth look at the implications of the global demographic changes over the next few decades. It’s a fascinating read. Duncan Weldon and Mike Bird have already covered the paper’s conclusion about inequality, which … Continue reading

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Did the oldies steal your pay rise?

We tend to assume that rising productivity will lead to rising wages but it ain’t necessarily so, says the Resolution Foundation’s Gavin Kelly: The productivity crisis of the last few years is far from over but economic recovery is now … Continue reading

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The healthy ageing challenge

The difference between life expectancy and healthy life expectancy might sound like something that is only of interest to healthcare professionals but it actually lies at the heart  of much of our political debate. Questions about the sustainability of public finances, … Continue reading

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Gender equity and the demographic time-bomb

Another of those memes that refuses to die is the ageing society as an exclusively European or western problem. Demographic change is a global phenomenon. It may be at its most advanced in Europe but the rest of the world is … Continue reading

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