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Don’t make the self-employed the punchbag of the next recession

Two months ago, few people had heard of Rishi Sunak. He is now about to go down in history as the most interventionist peacetime chancellor. His plan to pay 80 percent of the wages of employees kept on by their … Continue reading

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The Hoaxer

(With apologies to Simon and Garfunkel) I am just a rich boy, And my story’s often told, I quit management consulting, To write mendacious columns for a pot of gold. All lies and jests, Still folks hear what they want … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to The Debt?

Remember The Debt? The Debt was a really Bad Thing ten years ago. The sheer hugeness of it was going to drag the country down, cripple the economy, turn us into a pariah on the international markets and bankrupt the country. … Continue reading

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Johnson’s Suez

Brexit meant there was always going to be a trade border somewhere between the UK and Ireland. Unless the future relationship was to be so close as to make Brexit pointless, a UK outside the Single Market and Customs Union … Continue reading

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Brexit is the road to nowhere, whoever is driving the car

Brexit has ground to a halt. Theresa May will put her deal to Parliament again and it will fail again. At this rate we will come to the end of the extension period having achieved nothing. Which isn’t surprising, given … Continue reading

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The privatisation of capitalism

Donald Trump doesn’t listen to big business. Unusually for a Republican president, he seems to be ignoring the business lobby altogether, as Edward Luce reported in the FT: Groups such as the Chamber of Commerce, and the Business Roundtable, complain … Continue reading

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12 reasons why Labour should oppose Brexit

Labour MP Jess Phillips says she wants to stop Brexit, despite the fact that the majority of people in her constituency probably voted Leave. Everything is Remain Minus. Every deal shrinks the economy in some way. If I lose my … Continue reading

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