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A 1995 immigration target for a 2015 economy

2014 looks set to be a record-breaking year for immigration, according to the ONS estimates published yesterday. After a brief post recession dip, net immigration from the EU began to rise again in 2010 and last year, non-EU migration increased too. The gross migration figures … Continue reading

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How different is Scotland?

Scotland is another country, according to the Evening Standard, the New York Times, the Guardian and half my Twitter stream. It is different from the rest of the UK and certainly different from England. When you look at the electoral … Continue reading

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Labour lost the economic argument 5 years ago

Pundits will be picking over the results of this election for years and there are many reasons why things turned out as they did. For Labour though, in one respect, this election was lost in the aftermath of the last … Continue reading

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The deficit: much tougher than it looked

A friend asked me, earlier this week, “If you’re saying David Cameron and George Osborne are not dedicated state shrinkers, and they’re not stupid either, why would they commit themselves to such a big reduction in public service spending?” Because, when … Continue reading

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Are the Conservatives ideologically driven state-shrinkers?

Are David Cameron and George Osborne small government ideologues hell-bent on shrinking the state? Simon Wren-Lewis thinks so: The goal is to reduce the size of the state, and because (with his encouragement) mediamacro believes reducing the deficit is the … Continue reading

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The Tories and welfare: Machiavellian or just muddling through?

This week, the IFS finished their painstaking task of trying to understand the parties’ tax and spending plans, based on what little they’ve said. There are gaps and inconsistencies in all of them. At first sight, I couldn’t understand why the Conservatives’ … Continue reading

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Recovery: Was that it?

Yesterday’s GDP figures were rubbish. The first quarter of 2015 saw the slowest growth since the economy spluttered in 2012. True, it may, as Chris Giles says, be revised up but even so, 0.3 percent is well below where it should be.  This … Continue reading

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