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Eweida victory is a significant extension of religious rights

Lots of people have picked over the judgement from the European Court of Human Rights on Eweida and others. Opinion is divided, to say the least, on its significance. Three out of the four applicants lost their cases. From this … Continue reading

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More workplace religious rights – the last thing we need!

A few years ago, Darren Newman kicked off one of his employment law seminars by asking the participants which laws they would like to see abolished. There were plenty of suggestions but, after writing them up on a flip chart, … Continue reading

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What is organisational culture? Ask an anthropologist.

Jane Watson accuses HR of “Sloppy Thinking on Culture“. This is grossly unfair! CEOs, marketing executives, PR luvvies, business journalists, management consultants, politicians and motivational speakers have all been at it for years too. Ever since the concept emerged in the … Continue reading

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The end of bunce

Just after Christmas, Chris Dillow wrote a piece on the Debuncification of the economy – ‘bunce’ being the term applied to unofficial perks of a job. He quotes from Danny Baker: Getting things ‘out of the docks’ was considered a … Continue reading

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Will austerity increase inequality?

Will the government’s austerity policies make the UK a more unequal society over the next few years? Many, especially on the left, are convinced that they will. John Rentoul thinks not, though. In a follow-up to his piece on inequality, … Continue reading

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Just who are the rich anyway?

Apparently, John Rentoul’s piece, arguing that the level of inequality in Britain has not changed significantly in the last twenty years, has been making waves. This is slightly surprising as it’s not the first time he has said it. Or … Continue reading

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