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Wildcat strikes

Britain has suddenly been hit by a wave of strikes the like of which we haven’t seen for twenty years. What started as a dispute over the use of foreign workers at an oil refinery in Lincolnshire has, in the course of two days, turned … Continue reading

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The incredible shrinking banks

This handy little picture, apparently compiled by JP Morgan, shows how the market value of some of the world’s largest banks has collapsed in less than two years. You’ll need to click on it to read it properly. It reminds me of the … Continue reading

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Recession Porn

During the boom years (remember them?) the British became obsessed with Property Porn. Now we’ve swapped that addiction for Recession Porn. I thought I’d invented that term but, alas, it seems someone else got there first. Filthy Smoker (what a great name) posted … Continue reading

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Ken Clarke popular with business leaders

The Provisional Shadow Chancellor may be in trouble with party hacks and the Tory press for saying that David Cameron was talking rubbish about the economy, but it seems that business people quite like him. In a poll of business leaders, … Continue reading

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What the Romans can teach us about organisational culture

One of my favourite books on corporate culture is Edgar Schein’s Organisational Culture and Leadership. Simplistic definitions of culture, such as ‘the way we do things around here’ or even ‘shared values’, are not especially useful. Schein’s understanding of culture … Continue reading

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The post bureaucratic age? Tell me another!

My initial reaction when I saw the title of this year’s Guardian Public Services Summit was rather unkind. Are we entering a post bureucratic age?  Bwahahahahahahahaha! That’s a good ‘un. Then I decided, instead of just heaping derision on the idea, … Continue reading

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Bank debt will be no more than £120 bn says Goldman economist

More on the question of whether or not Britain is about to go bankrupt. Some of the figures that have been quoted in the press look frightening. Britain’s banks are huge. For example, RBS, the bank that the taxpayer now … Continue reading

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