£25 for a fake sick-note? You’ve been done, mate!

The media are getting into a froth about the fake sick-notes being sold on the internet for £25. “Employers could possibly lose thousands each year,” screams an unnamed DWP spokeswoman quoted in the Telegraph.

But no one has asked the obvious question: what kind of idiot coughs up twenty-five quid for something they could get for free?

As GP Ann Robinson said earlier this year:

It’s true that sick notes have become a bit of a joke. Most GPs I know will sign a Med 3 sick note for pretty much anyone who asks. They are usually for a week at a time and most GPs faced with a patient who says they can’t work for a week, will tend to believe them.

The commonest reasons that we sign sick notes for, like back pain and stress or depression, are impossible to prove or disprove. And if someone comes in and says they have rampant diarrhoea and work in a restaurant, I will sign them off for a week or until they’re better. Short of examining their stools myself, how can I be certain of the truth?

If I caught people using fake sick-notes to skive off work, I’d sack them, not just for being dishonest but because I wouldn’t want anyone that stupid working at my company.

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5 Responses to £25 for a fake sick-note? You’ve been done, mate!

  1. Jo says:

    Wit appreciated, but why not just ask them what the matter is and sort it out?

    You hired them for a reason. They’ve been working for you making a profit for you. Why the over-reaction?

    Imagine they feel ill but can’t put their finger on it and don’t go to the doctor – haven’t you done that or known anyone who has?

    They are bored witless at work – maybe liven up their work a little? Obviously got some computer skills going begging.

    There is some tension somewhere at work – sort it out?

    They have something better to do (yeah!) – think of adding 1 week’s leave that people can take just to have fun. You are obviously surviving their absence just fine!

    Take away the time clocks – why are you bothered anyway. Define a job someone wants to do and you usually have to throw them out at 6 and keep them away at the weekends.

    I’m looking for the company which uses “pull” rather than “push” HRM. Every one uses their own judgment about when to be at work and it works just fine.

    On a funnier note, I worked for a guy who had a wry sense of humor. He left a message for someone that his unconsciousness was inconveniencing the company. As his colleague’s stroke was real, it went down like a lead balloon!! Some smoothing of ruffled feathers for the rest of us!

  2. I love the Telegraph’s outrage!

  3. tbrrob says:

    Very, true.

    I’d give the same reason.

  4. CherryPie says:

    I guess the person selling them is onto a nice little earner though!

    I am sure some people are stupid enough to buy them!

  5. Rosie says:

    I’d agree with Jo.

    If people are taking that much time off sick, often there is a hidden reason for it that may well have a good solution around it.

    Perhaps they are in the wrong job or company. And perhaps the company is not up to scratch with managing and keeping their people happy.

    It might even teach people a thing or two about their recruitment process.

    There are two sides to every coin.

    Perhaps the person selling the sicknotes could take advantage of the situation to make more money by selling the data back to the company that the fakers work for. 🙂

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