A star-studded Future of Work event

A quick plug for the CIPD’s Future of Work event later this month. The context is the CIPD’s Profession for the Future initiative, part of which is the need for HR professionals to be more aware of the megatrends shaping the economy and the future of work.

While that may all sound pretty obvious and uncontroversial, the record of the professions in the corporate world hasn’t been particularly good of late. This time last year hardly anyone was talking about the rise of populism and almost no-one expected Trump to become President of the USA or the UK to leave the EU. My data for this is purely anecdotal but many British organisations still seem to be in shock about Brexit and haven’t really worked out what to do about it. Very few of us saw it coming. We’d chosen to ignore politics for the past couple of decades so politics jumped up and punched us on the nose.

Developing our capacity to understand socio-economic and political trends is therefore  something most of us could benefit from. As part of London CIPD’s contribution to this process we are running this great event on the Future of Work. I say great because look at who we have lined up to speak – a panel of economists, commentators, think-tankers and HR professionals.
Andy Campbell – HCM Strategy Director, Oracle – Andy has been with Oracle for 20 years and describes himself as an HR evangelist. He’s the man behind the HR in 2017 report, deep within which you will find a quote from me about robots taking our jobs. You  can read Andy’s blog posts here.

Frances Coppola – Regular contributor to the FT, Forbes, the Guardian and the BBC – Frances is a banker turned singing teacher and financial commentator. You may have seen her on the BBC’s business programme at some ungodly hour of the morning. You’ll find her work in a number of publications but her personal blog is well worth a read too.

Conor D’Arcy – Policy Analyst, Resolution Foundation – Conor is one of that  bunch of bright people at the Resolution Foundation who publish reports on the economy, living standards and the labour market with astonishing frequency. His many reports and articles can be found here.

Kate Griffiths-Lambeth – HR Director at Charles Stanley and non-exec NHS director – A lawyer turned HR professional, earlier this month Kate became the first female member of the Executive Committee at Charles Stanley, the world’s 15th oldest financial services business. Kate’s blog Leading Light is a thought provoking read.

Sarah O’Connor – Employment correspondent, Financial Times  Sarah joined the FT in 2007, just in time for the financial crisis. A dirty shoe economist, one who gets out and talks to people rather than just looking at spreadsheets, she has written extensively on the changing nature of work.

The event takes place on 28 March in Hatton Garden. It is free to CIPD members. There is a small charge for non members but it’s not much more than the price of a central London pint.

Further details and a booking form are on the CIPD’s Eventbrite page.

This promises to be an informative and lively discussion. Of course, I will be there too but don’t let that put you off.

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  1. Thanks for details of this – I will be there!

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