Blog celebration update

A couple of people have asked me if tomorrow’s celebratory drink is still on.

It is.

Details here:

Date: 5 March 2015

Time: 17.00

Venue: The Loft Bar, The Parcel Yard, King’s Cross

As I said before, it’s nothing formal so feel free to drop in for a swift half.

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10 Responses to Blog celebration update

  1. David says:

    Rik , you’ve moved it from Sunday (the 8th) ?

    • Rick says:

      Sorry David, it was never on the 8th. That was an early morning typo that was up for less than an hour before I changed it. Very sorry for any confusion.

      • David says:

        Always suspected your grasp of numbers….!!! Can’t make a weekday so maybe see you at ‘next years’ bash , eh ?

  2. John says:

    I thought it was on Sunday, not tomorrow (Thursday).
    I am sorry but it is unlikely I will now be able to attend.
    Pity – I would like to have met you all “in the flesh” – so to speak!
    ….Another time and place, hopefully….

    • Rick says:

      John, it was never on the 8th. That was an early morning typo that was only there for less than an hour but clearly long enough for people to put it in their diaries. Very sorry for any confusion and I hope to see you at some point.

  3. Tess Harris says:

    How long will you stay at the bar? Hope to arrive in time!

  4. mattxleach says:

    Looking forward to it. what is a gathering of blog fans called?

  5. shodanalexm says:

    Hi, hope you have a great evening. I’d love to join you, but I’m in Glasgow at the moment.

    Thanks for all the fascinating and thought-provoking posts over the years. Long may it continue!

  6. GrumpyLecturer says:

    Rick you have a good night.

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