Shares for Rights? Sorry, George, we’re all washing our hair!

When I was a lad, back in the last century, I once found myself at a party where hardly anyone turned up. I don’t know if it was because the bloke who organised it had over-estimated his charismatic attraction or if he just hadn’t  bothered to tell people it was happening. Either way, it was a bit embarrassing for him and for the few people who pitched up on the day.

But even that fiasco looks as though it will be less embarrassing than the launch of George Osborne’s Shares-For-Rights scheme on 1 September. Only six companies have enquired about it and the consensus from left, right and centre is that the whole thing has been a flop.

Of course, the reason so few firms are interested is that it is one of the government’s most hare-brained ideas yet. Far from reducing complexity, confusion and red tape, it will do just the opposite. It’s so complicated I wouldn’t be surprised if it pushed Britain up the red-tape league table. It is no surprise to anyone, apart from the government, that employers just aren’t interested.

Despite all this, they are pressing ahead with it anyway. Rather like the hapless student who insisted on having his party even when it was clear that most of the people he thought he had invited weren’t coming, George Osborne is going ahead with the launch of a ‘pro-business’ measure that no business wants. Come September, George might find himself with a lot of spare sandwiches to eat.

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4 Responses to Shares for Rights? Sorry, George, we’re all washing our hair!

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  2. Perhaps the real party’s elsewhere. The apparent lack of interest in the scheme may be due to the media looking in the wrong place – i.e. they have taken at face value the claim that this is about employee rights. As the original government press release indicated, this is essentially about avoiding capital gains tax. The likely customers, if any, will not be tech startups in Shoreditch but tax-dodgers in Mayfair, and they’re not going to break cover just yet.

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  4. Rob P says:

    There might not be a lot taking this up yet but don’t be surprised when this changes. I know a few companies that will love this (1 I know very well). They mostly use their solicitor to find out how to get out if paying their employees whats due to them. They say if the employees don’t like it quit or sue them (something else an employee can’t so easily thanks to gov)
    This gov has ridden over this country & its people from day 1 & its like most people just bend over & say go ahead shaft me. Where has the fight gone in us,why has it gone. Are we as a people so uncaring or lazy or apathetic that we will do damn all when the gov or anyone take us for a ride.Do we really not care anymore.Look at how the gov have demonised the unemployed & persecuted the disabled & people have bought into the propaganda hook line & sinker.oh & for anyone saying I don’t know what I’m talking about.I am disabled & have been on the wrong end of gov & people telling me I’m a “sponge” or a “leech” or “do everyone a favour & die & save us money”. The uk was never like this,not even during the war when there was nothing. I’ve been called a parasite by someone I don’t know & who doesn’t know me just because I use a chair or scooter.I didn’t choose to be this way.That person doesn’t know why I’m like this.They don’t know I was in the forces & that’s why I’m disabled.No tk them in a “fuc**ng parasite. Most unemployed don’t choose to be & will take any job.Now thanks to gov they could lose a lot of rights for shares that are to say the least dubious. Can we get the Uk back to be caring or is it to late. Oh God I hope not.

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