Lost Generation or Regeneration?

Bit busy at the moment, hence the sporadic posting.

Just time to give a quick plug to a CIPD event next week. On Thursday, 24 May, West London branch will be hosting a Question Time style panel discussion, chaired by Radio 4’s Shaun Ley.

The subject: Lost Generation or Regeneration? – The employment challenges of recession… and recovery.

No doubt this will be of interest to a number of readers of this blog, so if you are in the area, come along next week. I will be there but don’t worry, I’m not on the panel so you won’t have to listen to me spouting. Unless I ask a question. Which I probably will.

The booking details are here. See you there.

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2 Responses to Lost Generation or Regeneration?

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  2. See you there indeed! Spotted this one this very morning and thought it’d prove intriguing.

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